She ROCKS Weekend Workout

Hey there weekend…You snuck up on me very very fast! Time is flying out here on Nantucket. I am jumping from one job to the next; staying busy; soaking up the warm September days, but also enjoying the cooler nights; and making the most of the outdoor time as I can, because winter is going to be here before we know it. In the meantime I am all about eating outside…working outside…walking on the beaches…and soaking it all up.

PS: Have you made these Overnight Oats yet? They are kind of amazing and I am having them again…So good and so easy!

So, I am still waking up early these days, but no longer at 4:30 AM…I have pushed it up until 5:30/5:45 AM…Baby steps, but that hour difference is a big one and it feels delightful. I like waking up early. I like sipping on coffee; doing some work; and getting in my workout. I am craving a change though…I want to sleep a little more; still have time to do my social media work; but also not feel rushed about working out. I am planning on joining one of the gyms up here and afternoon workouts is the new schedule.

In the meantime though, my workouts are consisting of long walks with Lucy…runs no longer than 5 miles…and workouts that I do right on the porch with a jump rope and a pair of 10 pound dumbbells. Another reason for joining the gym, besides the fact that I will not be able to workout outside anymore, is that I want to do some classes, and have more access to more equipment. I am getting a little bored. And lets face it, it can get boring training by yourself. I am over it! HA! I am excited about my new gym membership, because it is a beautiful facility and it has a STEAM ROOMHIGH-FIVES! I absolutely love the steam room.

Before I loose you, here is one of the workouts that I did this week before work. It took me 60 minutes and all I needed was a pair of dumbbells (which were 10 pounds); a jump rope; and a chair. I put the music on and just got right into it, before I started my day.

Look it over and let me know if you have any questions or concerns. If you decide to give the workout a go this weekend, make sure to let me know how it went.

Enjoy the weekend friends and see y’all on Monday! XOXO

What are your weekend plans?

Are you still doing a lot of your workouts outside?

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