November Workouts

Happy Weekend Friends! It has been a interesting week on Nantucket, so let us dive right into it….shall we…

  • I have been fighting a nice head cold for the past few days! You know when you feel that obnoxious tickle in your throat and you know what is coming? YUCK! I do not like to take any medicine, so I cure myself with LOTS of water, sleep, and sweat…that steam room has come in quite handy. The past few nights I have been going to be at 8:30 PM, but you know what it is WORKING!
  • Can we talk about the weather? I walk outside bundled up to go to the gym and it feels like Spring…This is so wonderful! All week there has been hardly any wind, so the water is like glass, and it has just been so mild. It is beautiful.
  • Leftovers are the BEST and I have had them all week, since I made 2 recipes and it was so nice to have lots of meals for dinner, so I did not have to prepare anything. The first picture is Ina Garten’s Moroccan Chicken Tajine and the second one is Skinny Taste’s Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili. Both were a success and so DELISH!

And onto the workouts! I have been taking full advantage of my membership and I absolutely love it. It is worth every penny! I am really enjoying the classes, the strength training, and seeing friendly faces on a daily basis. And I think I am going to have to pick up squash soon…I saw some men playing on Friday morning and they asked me to join…I have to just do it! WAHOO!

As we all know, the weather has been weirdly warm! I figured it would be a good idea to share this Core Power workout with you, that I did a few weeks ago, because you should workout outside, when you can, before winter arrives! Not only is Steps one of my favorite beaches to go to all year round on Nantucket, but I love that I can squeeze in a good solid workout when I run there.

My Workouts this week…

  • Sunday: Long walks with Lucy!
  • Monday: 30 minute elliptical + core work + walk with Lucy;
  • Tuesday: 25 minute SPIN + Booty Barre;
  • Wednesday: Long walk with Lucy + 4 mile intervals on the treadmill;
  • Thursday: 25 minute SPIN + Booty Barre;
  • Friday: SPIN class
  • Saturday: TBD…Definitely doing some upper body strength training;
  • Sunday: REST REST REST

I am definitely excited for the upcoming weeks! I have some fun posts coming up…Lots of delicious products to tell you about…And I am also definitely excited about heading home for a small family Thanksgiving. I cannot believe how fast time is going by and I am looking forward to getting off island for some much needed pampering when I get home. I am also going to stay true to my word and disconnect from the computer and social media tomorrow morning. I think this little change is going to be perfect for me. A nice break to step away from the computer screen and focus on other things…Have a beautiful weekend friends!

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