bACK in the gym…and it feels so GOOD!

I told a fib and promised I would have the video workout up this week, but I changed my mind, because it is no longer tank top weather and you can check it out when it goes live with Core Power! Instead you can look at my awkward gym selfie…with a stern face…trying to take this picture, before anyone caught me. I always feel so darn awkward doing these…oh and Alana I CANNOT wait to see you over Thanksgiving, because those roots…SHEESH! Okay I digress…let’s talk WORKOUTS!

I am going to sound like a total “gym rat”, but gosh it feels good to be working out in a clean, well run, club, with great classes, equipment, and amenities. My money was well spent; I am excited to workout; try new things; and meet people. Having this membership is going to be a life saver during the winter months. Wearing the right clothing really helps too! I am “almost” itching to get back and play some squash, but we will see (there is a long story behind why I do not play anymore…another post for another time).

Here are my workouts since my membership started at The Westmoor Club:

  • Friday: SPIN + Walk with Lucy after work (I packed my bag the night before and when I got to the gym, I realized I forgot my pants and bra…seriously?) Thankfully I had time to go home and shower and change! DOH!
  • Saturday: Rowing + LEG Day + Walk with Lucy
  • Sunday: 30 minutes elliptical + 45 min chest/back/core/stretching (YES I actually spent time stretching…WAHOO!)

On Saturday morning, I knew when I went into the gym, I wanted to row and do legs. It was not until I started my warm-up, did I know what exact exercises I would be doing. This is typically how I come up with these workouts, as I have mentioned before. I can usually get a good idea then as to what will feel good for my body. Working out is hard enough and you honestly want to do something that makes you feel good inside and out…RIGHT?

I knew rowing would be a really great way to switch things up, since honestly all I have been doing is running and walking. I love rowing, but 5 minute intervals is plenty for me…otherwise I find it too repetitive and a little boring. But I love the way it makes my body feel and it also helps me to focus on my breathing and form! So…Notes for this workout:

  • Equipment: Smith Machine; Dumbbells; Stability Ball;
  • Total Time: 60 Minutes;
  • You are only rowing a total time of 15 minutes;
  • Do each circuit 3 times and rest anywhere from 45 seconds – 60 seconds!

When was the last time you took a break from working out at a gym?

Rowing machine YAY or NAY?

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