Full Body Treadmill Workout

High-Fives to it FINALLY being Friday! It was a crazy week here 30 miles out to sea…I honestly do not understand where the days go. Even though I wake up around 5:30 AM, I still do not have enough time in the day to get all these thoughts written down, while still trying to keep some time for myself. DOH! I am just happy that I love what I do, but sometimes even for me, it can be stressful and overwhelming. My cure is either a long walk with Lucy or a really good sweaty workout!

Every morning during the week, I make it a goal to get to The Westmoor Club between 6:45 – 7:00 AM, so that this gives me a hour to enjoy some coffee; time with Lucy; and do a hour of social media work. This also allows me to fully take advantage of my workout and enjoy that 15 minute steam room session. A good part of me getting through my workouts is looking forward to that eucalyptus steam. It is that good! It can be up to a 2 hour adventure, but that is why I get up early, so I can do the things that I enjoy, before I tackle my work day!

On Wednesday, I woke up fully charged and ready to ROCK! Before I even had my cup of coffee, I knew it was going to be a good day…Ever have that feeling? Besides the stressful car issues I have been having and the normal day to day stuff that tends to wear on me, I was not going to let that rain on my “Positive Patty” parade. I went to The Westmoor Club and decided to jump on the treadmill and do a lot of the plyometrics I despise. I felt strong; I needed to switch things up; and wanted to kick my own butt. Mission accomplished!

Things to note about this workout:

  • I can be a numbers junkie when it comes to working out, so this time I focused on the calories (EVEN THOUGH I know they aren’t accurate. I just would get to 100 and then jump off. Each time it was about 8 minutes of intervals);
  • Perform 3 rounds of each circuit (not the treadmill, just the exercises);
  • Rest 45 seconds between each circuit;
  • Use DB’s when necessary…I used 10 pounds and was challenged, but could go heavier next time!
  • Take no rest after you finish the last circuit and jump back on the treadmill!

Try this plank variation to switch things up…Side Plank with Knee to Chest…Start in side plank and stay there for 30 seconds…Once you hit 30, bring your knee into your chest SLOWLY…slowly bring it back to starting and repeat until the minute is complete! Flip to the other side and do the exact same thing!

Switch Up Your Routine With A Skulpt Fitness Tracker

With the change of seasons; the cooler temperatures; and the fact that it gets dark at 4:30 PM can sometimes be a really hard time of year to stay motivated when it comes to our health and fitness. And with the added stress that we put on ourselves during the holidays, it is another whammy that can wreak havoc on our lives. I believe we have choices when it comes to situations like this…We can either moan and groan and do nothing except moan and groan (which I find absolutely annoying) or we can challenge ourselves and get motivation from other places. My favorite equipment for home workouts are adjustable dumbbells because they are so versatile. For a list of models view here. But Skulpt Chisel is another favorite of mine.

I think we should go with option 2, because who wants to be around cranky people this time of year. We all have our own stuff to deal with on a daily basis, so stop making excuses. You deserve to be happy and healthy day in and day out. You are the one in control of that, so invest some time and money in YOU and do what makes YOU feel your best. You should be glowing inside and out as we roll into the holidays! Here are a few of my ideas and ones that I have followed and seen success:

  1. Change things up: As you all know, I love my new membership at The Westmoor Club. After doing so much running and at-home workouts, I have changed up my routine and I could not be happier. It feels good to be using machines and dumbbells again. It feels good getting my butt kicked in Spin class. And it feels good to already notice some strength gains from taking a Booty Barre class weekly. Yes, you heard me correctly…a Booty Barre class and I LOVE it. I have no rhythm, but my teacher ROCKS and it is fun and it makes me smile as I am dripping sweat.
  2. Grab a friend: I am always working out alone and I typically do not like to workout with anyone, when I am lifting weights or running. But for classes and long walks, it is always nice to have a friend by your side. It makes the time go by faster; you get to catch up; you get to help each other; and it is just FUN. So the next time you head to your favorite class, call a friend and tell them to join you. I promise you will both be smiling at the end!
  3. Invest in a fitness tracker: Let’s face it when it comes to our health and fitness we can sometimes be “know it alls” and a little stubborn. But when you are not seeing the results that you want, sometimes you have to do the research; ask for help; and invest in YOU and that means financially. I complain too about spending money on gadgets, but I have done it before and honestly never regretted it. You can learn so much, that you did not know before. Being able to track your progress; seeing your gains; getting confirmation that the hard work is paying off…All of that information is AWESOME stuff!
Get motivated this #November with @sherocksfitness and @skulpt_me! #holidays #fitness #health…

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I want to introduce you to the Skulpt Chisel that you should check out and see if it is a good fit for you!

  • The Chisel is available on Indiegogo for only $99. It’s a leaner, lighter, more affordable tracker for measuring % body fat and muscle quality with great accuracy;
  • Your results will sync instantly on your smartphone app;
  • Skulpt tells you when you are losing fat and gaining muscle;
  • Differentiates high (lean) muscle quality versus low (fattier) muscle quality, so you can measure fat loss (not weight loss) as well as gains in muscle mass;
  • Measures Total Body MQ & Fat quickly!
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I think that this is a great product to learn more about, otherwise I would not be telling you about it. I was sent the Skulpt Aim to review. My initial thoughts when I saw this device was…yeah this interesting and a little bulky and is this honestly worth the investment? I totally admit that I can be a “Negative Nancy”, but this is what I am going to tell you and then you can decide whether or not you want to make the purchase:

  • $99.00 is a great deal with the Chisel! I wish I was sent this one, because I like the size of it better and I think lighter and less bulky is just easier to carry around;
  • Having your results instantly sync to your app is easy! I believe this definitely helps you stay motivated and accountable;
  • When you are in a rut and need that extra push to stick to your goals and nothing else is working, remember that you are worth the investment. Investing in a device that can motivate you through a rough patch is worth it, so check it out!

*Disclaimer: I was paid for this post and product. All opinions are my own.*

What was the last fitness gadget you invested in?

How do you motivate yourself when you have hit a “rough patch”?

November Workouts

Happy Weekend Friends! It has been a interesting week on Nantucket, so let us dive right into it….shall we…

  • I have been fighting a nice head cold for the past few days! You know when you feel that obnoxious tickle in your throat and you know what is coming? YUCK! I do not like to take any medicine, so I cure myself with LOTS of water, sleep, and sweat…that steam room has come in quite handy. The past few nights I have been going to be at 8:30 PM, but you know what it is WORKING!
  • Can we talk about the weather? I walk outside bundled up to go to the gym and it feels like Spring…This is so wonderful! All week there has been hardly any wind, so the water is like glass, and it has just been so mild. It is beautiful.
  • Leftovers are the BEST and I have had them all week, since I made 2 recipes and it was so nice to have lots of meals for dinner, so I did not have to prepare anything. The first picture is Ina Garten’s Moroccan Chicken Tajine and the second one is Skinny Taste’s Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili. Both were a success and so DELISH!

And onto the workouts! I have been taking full advantage of my membership and I absolutely love it. It is worth every penny! I am really enjoying the classes, the strength training, and seeing friendly faces on a daily basis. And I think I am going to have to pick up squash soon…I saw some men playing on Friday morning and they asked me to join…I have to just do it! WAHOO!

As we all know, the weather has been weirdly warm! I figured it would be a good idea to share this Core Power workout with you, that I did a few weeks ago, because you should workout outside, when you can, before winter arrives! Not only is Steps one of my favorite beaches to go to all year round on Nantucket, but I love that I can squeeze in a good solid workout when I run there.

My Workouts this week…

  • Sunday: Long walks with Lucy!
  • Monday: 30 minute elliptical + core work + walk with Lucy;
  • Tuesday: 25 minute SPIN + Booty Barre;
  • Wednesday: Long walk with Lucy + 4 mile intervals on the treadmill;
  • Thursday: 25 minute SPIN + Booty Barre;
  • Friday: SPIN class
  • Saturday: TBD…Definitely doing some upper body strength training;
  • Sunday: REST REST REST

I am definitely excited for the upcoming weeks! I have some fun posts coming up…Lots of delicious products to tell you about…And I am also definitely excited about heading home for a small family Thanksgiving. I cannot believe how fast time is going by and I am looking forward to getting off island for some much needed pampering when I get home. I am also going to stay true to my word and disconnect from the computer and social media tomorrow morning. I think this little change is going to be perfect for me. A nice break to step away from the computer screen and focus on other things…Have a beautiful weekend friends!

bACK in the gym…and it feels so GOOD!

I told a fib and promised I would have the video workout up this week, but I changed my mind, because it is no longer tank top weather and you can check it out when it goes live with Core Power! Instead you can look at my awkward gym selfie…with a stern face…trying to take this picture, before anyone caught me. I always feel so darn awkward doing these…oh and Alana I CANNOT wait to see you over Thanksgiving, because those roots…SHEESH! Okay I digress…let’s talk WORKOUTS!

I am going to sound like a total “gym rat”, but gosh it feels good to be working out in a clean, well run, club, with great classes, equipment, and amenities. My money was well spent; I am excited to workout; try new things; and meet people. Having this membership is going to be a life saver during the winter months. Wearing the right clothing really helps too! I am “almost” itching to get back and play some squash, but we will see (there is a long story behind why I do not play anymore…another post for another time).

Here are my workouts since my membership started at The Westmoor Club:

  • Friday: SPIN + Walk with Lucy after work (I packed my bag the night before and when I got to the gym, I realized I forgot my pants and bra…seriously?) Thankfully I had time to go home and shower and change! DOH!
  • Saturday: Rowing + LEG Day + Walk with Lucy
  • Sunday: 30 minutes elliptical + 45 min chest/back/core/stretching (YES I actually spent time stretching…WAHOO!)

On Saturday morning, I knew when I went into the gym, I wanted to row and do legs. It was not until I started my warm-up, did I know what exact exercises I would be doing. This is typically how I come up with these workouts, as I have mentioned before. I can usually get a good idea then as to what will feel good for my body. Working out is hard enough and you honestly want to do something that makes you feel good inside and out…RIGHT?

I knew rowing would be a really great way to switch things up, since honestly all I have been doing is running and walking. I love rowing, but 5 minute intervals is plenty for me…otherwise I find it too repetitive and a little boring. But I love the way it makes my body feel and it also helps me to focus on my breathing and form! So…Notes for this workout:

  • Equipment: Smith Machine; Dumbbells; Stability Ball;
  • Total Time: 60 Minutes;
  • You are only rowing a total time of 15 minutes;
  • Do each circuit 3 times and rest anywhere from 45 seconds – 60 seconds!

When was the last time you took a break from working out at a gym?

Rowing machine YAY or NAY?

She ROCKS Weekend Workout

Hey there weekend…You snuck up on me very very fast! Time is flying out here on Nantucket. I am jumping from one job to the next; staying busy; soaking up the warm September days, but also enjoying the cooler nights; and making the most of the outdoor time as I can, because winter is going to be here before we know it. In the meantime I am all about eating outside…working outside…walking on the beaches…and soaking it all up.

PS: Have you made these Overnight Oats yet? They are kind of amazing and I am having them again…So good and so easy!

So, I am still waking up early these days, but no longer at 4:30 AM…I have pushed it up until 5:30/5:45 AM…Baby steps, but that hour difference is a big one and it feels delightful. I like waking up early. I like sipping on coffee; doing some work; and getting in my workout. I am craving a change though…I want to sleep a little more; still have time to do my social media work; but also not feel rushed about working out. I am planning on joining one of the gyms up here and afternoon workouts is the new schedule.

In the meantime though, my workouts are consisting of long walks with Lucy…runs no longer than 5 miles…and workouts that I do right on the porch with a jump rope and a pair of 10 pound dumbbells. Another reason for joining the gym, besides the fact that I will not be able to workout outside anymore, is that I want to do some classes, and have more access to more equipment. I am getting a little bored. And lets face it, it can get boring training by yourself. I am over it! HA! I am excited about my new gym membership, because it is a beautiful facility and it has a STEAM ROOMHIGH-FIVES! I absolutely love the steam room.

Before I loose you, here is one of the workouts that I did this week before work. It took me 60 minutes and all I needed was a pair of dumbbells (which were 10 pounds); a jump rope; and a chair. I put the music on and just got right into it, before I started my day.

Look it over and let me know if you have any questions or concerns. If you decide to give the workout a go this weekend, make sure to let me know how it went.

Enjoy the weekend friends and see y’all on Monday! XOXO

What are your weekend plans?

Are you still doing a lot of your workouts outside?

New Balance Fall Catalog Is HERE

Fall is definitely in the air! The mornings are cooler…The days are getting shorter…I have seen just a few leaves that have started changing color…The pumpkin craze has fully taken over Pinterest…and the NEW styles for fitness apparel are OUT with the latest trends and colors, which is perfect as we transition into cooler running temperatures.

I was recently asked to review about New Balance’s Fall Collection. I was sent so many pieces to try out and I am always grateful for companies that do this. I was sent 7 pieces, but the ones that I am talking about today are my favorite and the ones that I will use the most frequently as they just fit me the best and fit my training style these days.

  • Mesh Panel Tank: So light it feels like I am not wearing anything, which I like when I am training, especially on long runs. It is completely breathable. It is a loose fit, which is fine sometimes depending on my workout and long enough, which for tops I am liking a little more these days.
  • Print Tenderly Obsessive Bra: I am picky when it comes to sports bras. I need a lot of support. I want “the ladies” to not bounce at all. The tag says high impact, but I could definitely not wear this for running. It is perfect for strength training and yoga and made “the ladies” look nice, especially with the tank over the top. There are adjustable straps, but definitely not made for women my size who are used to full suction. HA!
  • NB Heat En Route Jacket: Swoon…I love the color…the feel…the style of this jacket, which is perfect for me to wear on my way to a yoga class; on a long walk with Lucy; and even wear out for a quick and casual bite to eat. It is not too snug. The curved zipper at the top gives the jacket a little more shape and makes it more fun!
  • Premium Performance Short: HOT! I used to be so anti short shorts, but I am more confident in them and they just feel good. They show my strong legs and butt and yes they show my cellulite, but seriously we all have it and as long as I feel good when I am working out and these legs can get me through whatever I am training for…I JUST DO NOT CARE!

The New Balance Fall Catalog is AWESOME and there are so many great pieces, colors, and styles to choose from to help you train in whatever fitness activity you are training for this Fall. I am still figuring out what I want to tackle this fall/winter. Right now what feels right is long walks with Lucy…slowly building up my running mileage again…and at-home strength training workouts. I am still adjusting to island life. I am still definitely tired from this transition, but I am definitely learning to slow down and savor the moments; to nourish my body; to REST; so that this winter, I can be ready to commit to something a little more aggressive!

WE THE WOMEN of New Balance have created this collection of fitness apparel and footwear inspired by our shared LOVE OF SPORT, drive to discover what’s next, and passion for WHAT’S POSSIBLE. Welcome to NB WOMEN where every tight fits right, every layer works hard, and every shoe lets you move with perfect freedom. Take a look and find WHAT YOU LOVE. www.newbalance.com.